"We're here to facilitate the access you need to accomplish your business goals." ~ Richard Rozier, Principal

Opening Doors​

We Can Help You Better Navigate the Government Environment to Make Your Efforts Successful

With over three decades of experience with elected officials and professional staff, Governmental Relations Specialists (GRS) offers our clients a breadth of insider experience, and a vast network of local government relationships.

We specialize in developing and promoting a strategy to get your Company best positioned to sell to government. Our Mission is to help companies get a better understanding of the unique environment of how government operates - an environment that is not always rational, where the race is not always won by the lowest and best bid, but one in which politics matter. We understand the unique culture and operating environment of government, and our staff at Governmental Relations Specialists will help you overcome the political and bureaucratic obstacles you often face. We deliver first-in-class government relations strategic advice to our clients, and our plans deliver results.

Governmental Relations Specialists is the only government resource you need to make your marketing program more effective.