Our Services

  • GRS will find out who is making the decision and then get you personal access to them.

  • ​To effectively close a sale in the government market, you often need to understand the political dynamics that are driving a particular decision. GRS assists you in knowing who your friends and allies are, who your opponents are, and what their various "hot buttons" are so that you can turn problem officials into allies.

  • ​​Presentation Development: GRS assists you in customizing and focusing marketing presentations, RFP’s and bid responses to maximize impact on the public officials who will be making the final decision.

  • Trade Show and Conference Assistance: GRS will assist you in maximizing the impact of your trade show presence.

  • Development of a Marketing Plan: GRS will assist you in evaluating and implementing a variety of marketing strategies to ensure that you are using limited marketing budget dollars to get the greatest impact.

  • Sales Force Workshops: GRS will design and present workshops to your sales teams to assist them in better understanding the government marketplace and how to most effectively penetrate it.

  • Other Marketing Assistance: When GRS joins your team, we are there for whatever you need.  We are your one-stop shop for marketing assistance in the public sector.